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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by smashing0
Wishes, that on the surface, seemed ridiculous
Too bad, not your call to make. No matter what the taper said, the actions of your site and admins are absolutely totally unethical and indefensible.

Especially in regards to this site and to the tapers wishes.

Originally Posted by smashing0
It wasn't me. JellyBelly uploaded it in order to share it amongst the largest group of people he could
ZOMB's forums aren't checked by a large majority of our users...
Putting it up quickly was a very dick-ish thing to do, but so was saying DO not upload to ZOMB. ZOMB sucks. (an explanation to that was not given until much later)
Being a dick in return doesn't make you right, it just makes you a dick.

And now because of the "dick-ish" thing your site admins did, does that make all the participants 'dicks" .....

Apparently, if I read your words correctly, to you it sure seems that the people involved at zomb are 'dick-ish' to say the least.

By that admission alone I just gained more respect for you. That's more than bodhisattva admitted to in his 100,000 word essays today.

Originally Posted by smashing0
Your obsession with this "Fuck-the-Tapers" policy is just a misunderstandment
We seriously love the tapers, and honour any REASONABLE request
No obsession, some tapers here are conversing amongst themelves (myself included) and see zomb in a new light, illuminated as shown in this thread and with today's actions as being Taper-unfriendly.

That's just the opinion of a few tapers, nothing to worry about, just say fuck 'em all and move on.

Originally Posted by smashing0
and a message that says do not upload to ZOMB (without any stated reason) does not fall under reasonable
So you say, still it's only your opinion on what anybody has a right to say, but wait until you actually tape a show or two hundred before acting like you know from whence you speak.....

Wait until some site admins say "Fuck You smashing0", just as your zomb site did today to Sebastian...and then use the site to trample your wishes.... Let's see if you like it.

And I saw you didn't address the backhanded swipe you zombs took at TTD for being uncourteous....why be any different from bodhisattva who is a master at avoiding answers.

I'm sure you all feel justified at whatever questionable actions you zombs did today, as long as you could all say a big Fuck you to the taper.

that was the important thing at zomb, wasn't be able to say Fuck You Sebastian ---Fuck you to the taper -- as strongly as your site could.

Originally Posted by smashing0
(do you really need to have 8 returns between paragraphs? that is slightly annoying)
Oh, I's not quite as annoying as trying to get someone from your site to admit that your admins exemplified how a torrent site can be taper-unfriendly, all the while justifying some bullshit actions against a taper.

("He was a dick so we HAD to be pricks in return." is that what you mean, smashing0? Really, are you serious??? Because that's the gist of the defense of your site and admins.)

.....Do you zombs get as anal about ppl. typing in a post also?

Besides if I don't seperate ideas, ....well, you read this thread, didn't you see how confused bodhisattva said he was earlier today and being confused and befuddled allowed him to ignore pertinent questions while he was ranting off-topic. (You need to see where he got confused? it can be pointed out, if necessary?)

Lighten up, if you guys hadn't already shown yourselves to have been just as 'dick-ish' as possible in regards to respecting a taper's wishes, you wouldn't feel you needed to be this vigorous in defending the integrity of your site.

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