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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by freezer
Your site and site admins went out of their way to disrespect the taper and his wishes.
Wishes, that on the surface, seemed ridiculous

Originally Posted by freezer
you (x7)
It wasn't me. JellyBelly uploaded it in order to share it amongst the largest group of people he could
ZOMB's forums aren't checked by a large majority of our users...
Putting it up quickly was a very dick-ish thing to do, but so was saying DO not upload to ZOMB. ZOMB sucks. (an explanation to that was not given until much later)

Originally Posted by freezer
This all has to do with a disagreement in policy between your site and the taper, something that you zombs refused to try to work out before saying FUCK YOU to the taper.

Did anyone at zomb try and open a private conversation with Sebastian to work it out?.......By looking at bodhisattva's replies, doesn't seem like it, looks like he was on the defensive from word one.
Sebastian and a couple staff members have had private conversations in the past due to issues

these issues were related to Mixwell "remaster"ing an FM recording and JellyBelly doing something similar to this before (I believe)

other than zombfuckingsucks I have not heard of the donation issue before, and as far as I can tell was not mentioned anywhere

I think JellyBelly assumed that the message was due to their past misunderstandings and seeded it out of spite (a personal attack in response to Sebastian's attack to ZOMB)

Again that is pure speculation

Originally Posted by freezer
The actual dispute is over your site soliciting funds which is a policy the taper disagrees with.
which was not brought up til later, and all speculation on our side showed that it was most likely past disagreements with our staff (disagreements which our staff spent many hours trying to smooth over with Sebastian)

Your obsession with this "Fuck-the-Tapers" policy is just a misunderstandment
We seriously love the tapers, and honour any REASONABLE request

and a message that says do not upload to ZOMB (without any stated reason) does not fall under reasonable

Originally Posted by freezer
PS: Please show some respect for the taper, the recording and your fellow collectors:

Please do not "re-package" this show with misinformation or incorrect information or NO information.
I like that
mind if I use that in PM's to members at ZOMB who try to upload shows to ZOMB with misinformation/incorrect information or no information? (completely serious)

(do you really need to have 8 returns between paragraphs? that is slightly annoying)