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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by bodhisattva
i am done answering your BS questions. stop grabbing at thin air and pretending you have something.

if members of zomb are posting anywhere its because of trolls like yourself starting problems.

if we get new members, great. members are constantly signing up, its not more money, its more bandwidth, as this is bit torrent, and every byte helps!
I am asking relevant and reasonable questions that I believe people have a right to be informed about.

It's frivolous that you would refer to me as a "troll." Unlike yourself, I have not resorted to name-calling or ad hominem attacks to avoid answering questions that would inform people. By any reasonable standard, ignorance is not a virtue and applying labels such as "troll" "terrorist" or "communist" etc. do not make an individual's claim less true.

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