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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by smashing0
it's not a "Fuck-the-Taper" policy
it's a "What the fuck are you talking about I can't share?" policy
ZOMB allows ALL lossless, non-commercial material from taper-friendly bands
Your site and site admins went out of their way to disrespect the taper and his wishes.

You had that show up within hours of it first going up here. Have you guys no courtesy at all? Have you no shame? You certainly showed no respect to this site with your scarfing it up and putting it up over there immediately.

Couldn't you have posted a link to this site?

No because that didn't say FUCK YOU to the taper as strongly as you guys wanted. You zombs wanted to send a message to tapers, well, you did. The tapers reading this thread saw through you immediately.

Nobody said anything about NOT sharing, That's nothing more than subterfuge on your part, damned disingenious also.

Jesus Christ, how can you dare to say he wasn't allowing the recording to be shared, when you zombs snatched it DIRECTLY from this site?

This all has to do with a disagreement in policy between your site and the taper, something that you zombs refused to try to work out before saying FUCK YOU to the taper.

Did anyone at zomb try and open a private conversation with Sebastian to work it out?.......By looking at bodhisattva's replies, doesn't seem like it, looks like he was on the defensive from word one.

Sorry, I see a "Fuck the tapers" policy prevalent at zomb, as bragged about in this thread.....

Your mileage may vary.

Originally Posted by smashing0
We love tapers! without them we wouldn't have this great hobby. We just don't like playing politics and favourites.
well, in retrospect, you'd have to say that....if you really did admit to a blanket "Fuck The Tapers" policy at zomb, you might as well fold up the tent and slink off into the night.

However, I'll bet there are more than a few reading this thread who thinks zomb not only doesn't play favorites (unless someone 'donates') don't play fair or even, either.

Originally Posted by smashing0
If I were to tape a show, like I hope to start doing soon and tagged it with "Only listen to on Tuesday nights in the light of a full moon" should you listen to my request? No! That's just stupid, and to us Don't share a Smashing Pumpkins recording on a tracker (loosely) founded on the Smashing Pumpkins sounds just as stupid to us

Honest, well meaning and reasonable taper requests will always be honoured by ZOMB Staff, but we'll still listen to recordings on a Wednesday even if we're told not to
Well, that was an absolutely silly attempt at trying to marginalize the real disagreement in philosophies.

The actual dispute is over your site soliciting funds which is a policy the taper disagrees with.

I'm sure he knew that his tape would eventually trickle down to your site, but grabbing it from TTD and posting it at zomb in less than 24 to 48 hours....that's a show of NO-CLASS on the part of your site and it sends a big FUCK You to the taper. And you guys know it.

You should make sure other tapers know of the "Fuck The taper" attitude at your site.

Again, your mileage may vary.

Here's the disclaimer I use. It probably wouldn't fly for the taper unfriendly types at zomb either.

PS: Please show some respect for the taper, the recording and your fellow collectors:

Please do not "re-package" this show with misinformation or incorrect information or NO information.

The time now is 09:35 PM.
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