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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

it's not a "Fuck-the-Taper" policy
it's a "What the fuck are you talking about I can't share?" policy
ZOMB allows ALL lossless, non-commercial material from taper-friendly bands

We love tapers! without them we wouldn't have this great hobby. We just don't like playing politics and favourites.

If I were to tape a show, like I hope to start doing soon and tagged it with "Only listen to on Tuesday nights in the light of a full moon" should you listen to my request? No! That's just stupid, and to us Don't share a Smashing Pumpkins recording on a tracker (loosely) founded on the Smashing Pumpkins sounds just as stupid to us

Honest, well meaning and reasonable taper requests will always be honoured by ZOMB Staff, but we'll still listen to recordings on a Wednesday even if we're told not to