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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
I've been gone most of the day and will read over the whole thread soon, but I saw it suggested that since bodhisattva is an admin, he shouldn't have said he wouldn't share the show at his site, but then it was. As an Admin here, I have to say that sometimes you respond to posts as an individual, not an admin. How can you not? But, unfortunately, you can't choose to be wearing your individual hat instead of your admin hat.

(Oh, btw, I'll tell all you guys and anyone who will listen, my daughter graduated from college today in MIS with a 4.0! It was awesome and I'm so damn proud of her!)
correct Lynne, but I am just an individual here. Although I may have posted here my intentions for my site, they never were enacted. Even things I feel very passionately about we do not do on ZOMB. I wish I always got my way, haha. But we never told ZOMB users that it could not be on the site.

Its all semantics now, and really of no consequence. But i totally I understand what you are saying.

I can post all day about how I'd like the site to be run, and to a major degree what I want to get done, does get done, but like I said, I'm not a dictator, and as it was mulled over, it was clear to me my feelings were not the proper course of action to be taken.

Anyways, its a long read. If you actually do read this all, than as stated by many of your fans here, you are definitely a great admin. Not sure I could even stomach this all again.

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