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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by freezer
He ALLOWED it. And if you want to pick over every word stated in a very heated situation we are going to get nowhere ....

Instead, why don't you zombs admit that you guys just wanted to fuck the taper and get over yourselves and get on with your lives.

The pettyness displayed here by bodhisattva in this thread coupled with what transpired on your site in relation to this recording is tremendously detrimental to the community that you're trying to serve. And the worst part is that it really stems from the zomb admins for allowing/encouraging this to transpire.

You seem like a voice of reason, entrophy357.

Are you willing to truthfully answer one question: Did NO mods or admins at zomb disagree with the decision to disrespect this taper and allow this at zomb?

Honestly, entropy357, doesn't any admins at zomb believe in common courtesy? Don't you think you guys possibly could have given this a few days to cool off?

That's why I believe bodhisattva's myriad 'explanations' were rationalizations and lies.

You guys at zomb knew what you were doing and its nothing more than a case of spite on your parts. Admit it.

Your site owner proved today that zomb is taper-unfriendly. When he could have looked like a champ in honoring his word, he chose to be a moral coward in not honoring his word.

This is nothing more than a case of "we got your tape Sebastian, nya-nya-na-na-nya....."

If bodhisattva had admitted that, well, this thread would have been done a long time ago.

This discussion would be finished and you guys would have "clean" consciences (albeit still have that black eye for your contempt towards a taper while passing his work around) and the rest of us would know exactly what to expect from the zomb if it's not evident now.
dude, we will hold contempt for anyone who posts on a message board we suck, especially when most is based on problems they had with individuals.

this has ended. i have asked my staff to stop responding here. if they don't, its their perogative, but I would prefer this just to end, as people like you seem to twist it around with every post.

the negativity started with the initial post. we didn't start the negativity, so please stop touting the idea that we did.

this is over, everyone, seriously. if sebastian and I feel there is something to talk about, I'm sure we will, but I dont it will happen, and doesn't matter either way.

there is no reason for anyone to speculate about anyones reasoning or intentions. its not your place to dissect anyones psychology or actions. worry about yourself and the impact you make on the world. we didnt come aroudn to shit on any of you, yet we were pulled into this mess.

what more is there to admit, I said I changed my mind based on the input from other staff. I jumped the gun with my own feelings, but at no point did my feelings ever impact the policy on my site. At the time I said I didn't want to see it on the site it was not near completion. Before it was even seeded we had come to the conclusion that it was delusional for them to think it would not be on zomb, and as a site its not our responsibility to bow down to delusional requests.

the show is on many sites in many formats. somoene has also uploaded the 24bit version to zomb as well. from their perspective nothing says they cannot, and from our perspective based on this entire experience nothing says we should stop them.

and yes, i am sure the person who uploaded it to the site, knew what they were doing. they managed to get it uploaded, they seeded it well, so yes, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. they were sharing music with people that was on their computer, we all have that ability and right to use those ports based on our agreements with our ISPs.

you can go on feeling extremely righteous, another crusader if you want. you have that right to be an internet superhero spreading truth and justice in your own fantasy world.

we've sent out THOUSANDS of copies of the first smashing pumpkins concert, yes I'd say this was a huge detrimental impact. GET REAL.. you are still trying to paint people who share music with anyone who wants it as bad, and its making you people look silly.


Ideas changed, and it seems even the request to not share it on ZOMB is gone as well. Surely he is not a liar for changing his mind, or at least removing the antagonizing line. Someone changed their mind, policy, and it doesn't make them a liar. People change their mind/policies all of the time.

and you all might not view me rosey, it doesn't really matter. I won't be hanging out here much longer anyways, and you don't ever need to see me again. But, if you feel better continuing to feel negative ranting and raving about the same thing over and over, its up to you.

those of you who I have answered and you continue to say the same thing over and over, I AM DONE, for good. I have explained why, how, where, and when. its all out in the open, no one hid anything.

to everyone who has read this, i feel bad for you. i apologize to everyone for wasting your time. I shuldn't have entertained most of these responses, and focused solely on people who seemed to make sense, but albeit, I wanted to make sure I gave time to all of your concerns.