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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by Sebastian
There still is no valid reason why the recording needed to be reseeded there. If this was all about sharing the music the Zomb mods could have just posted links to the TTD torrents on their site. But this was just a welcome opportunity for them to give me the finger. I can live with that, as I said earlier. It's no big deal for me.
Sebastian, I believe the message "DO NOT SHARE AT THE ZOMB (ZOMB SUCKS!)" in your original text file started this. I noticed you seemed to have removed that message, I appreciate you doing that. Let's try work things out and stop arguing.

Like it or not zomb is a major smashing pumpkins torrent site, and I think is it highly unrealistic of you to expect the first smashing pumpkins show in 7 years to not be shared there. Seriously man, think about it.

Originally Posted by Sebastian
Edit: Let me just add that the reasons for my dislike of the Zomb are not personal differences with staff members (c'mon, there are assholes everywhere), but rather the aggressive donation policy of that side. I think I have already elaborated enough on that earlier.
I've already tried to explain the zomb donation thing once before as bodi has also. No one is ever required to donate at the zomb. I'm not sure how much clearer it can get than that.

This whole thing has gotten blown up way out of proportion. Can we all just drop it now? Or at least soon? Please? This is all supposed to be about the music. This is leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth and I hope it ends soon.