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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by bodhisattva
obviosuly you understood the typo if you wrote the correct word.

we will recognize those who have sent more. maybe we'll even give them a special colored star, how do you like that? does that sound like a good transaction to, if we give them an online star, will that count as a transaction in your book?

christ dude, you are upset that people will receive 25 cent stickers? get off your high horse and find something more important to center your energies on. any member of our site can have the stickers, ANYONE!!!

if we choose to give a donor more stickers, thats our choice!!!

let that sink into your skull for awhile. you are like a broken record, you make me repeat myself so often that you have me a little irked. its obviously we view things entirely different. you aren't a member of my site, so none of it concerns you.

anything the ZOMB has to offer, we don't offer you.
...and the increased download power that Zomb staff have been advertising and spamming on other message boards to entice people to purchase from Zomb? Yes I recognize that it is your choice to sell these things, but it's an unethical and illegal choice. It's also not a typo if you spelled it incorrectly the same way twice, while accusing me of comprehension problems for the purpose of avoiding questions