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Re: best version of win amp?

Originally Posted by irishcrazy2005
As I can't help but notice, you are a big fan of Foobar2000. I saw your thing on how to create a data base and all of that. My question for you is whether or not you store all of your shows on your hard drive? If you don't, what is the use of creating such a database? I am just curious. Also, is there any way to get a volume control to show up in Foobar?

I don't keep ALL of my shows on my hard drive, but I do keep all of my official CDs and several hundred of my favorite boots on there in OGG format (high quality lossy). And no...I don't pass those one . But I do like to be able to download stuff to my portable or listen to it at home, so I keep the database for the around 500-600 or so albums that are currently on my hard drive to easily navigate and play. I also have the database setup on my wife's computer so that she can easily navigate through the music stored on mine (my media drive is mapped as a network drive) easily...I even configured her database to read a custom tag to hide certain music so that she doesn't have to browse through huge quantities of music to find something she likes. Her tastes are quite a bit more narrow than mine. But you're right, if you don't store the music on your drive, then the database is useless.

Yes, there is a volume control in foobar2000. I know it was part of the foo_tunes UI plugin, and I also know that theres one you can install to the default UI or columnsUI, which is what I use now. I actually don't have a volume bar on foobar, but I know it's out there. I personally use just this program, and it works much more nicely for controlling PC output volume in my opinion:
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