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Cue points

I've recorded and shared about a dozen shows off the telly in the last 4 months or so. Everytime I set the cue points for the start of each track, I always think to myself, "Is this the best spot?". I tend to set them about .5 seconds in front of the first note or drumstick clap that counts in the whole band. Look at the example. The blue triangle is the cue point, and the spikes in the sound waves are the first note of the guitar (circled in white). I interested in what the best accepted point is for setting that cue point. Right at the first note? Just before it?

What about if the artist is talking a bunch in front of the first note and it's about the song, would that be where you start the track? Or is it okay to have that talking as the end of the previous track? What if it's just jibber jabber and has nothing to do with anything?

Your thoughts?
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