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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Trader Dave
I was on a torrent for a couple days on Demonoid and ppl kept jumping off after they reached a hundred% leaving me to stay on. I just figured the ppl who get stuck will learn a lesson if it's something they want bad enough and help others next time. I did end up coming back and seeding but i only did it for a couple hours a day.
I took that to mean that you decided to dump the torrent in frustration in response to the hit and runners, which would be punishing the leechers that didn't have a chance to show if they would dump it or not...if I misunderstood, then my mistake...but if you said what I thought you said (or how I interpreted it) then that would be punishing (or "teaching a lesson") to the wrong folks...but regardless of that, on the bigger picture of things, you're right, so many folks take it for granted that these torrents are just magic...and they figure that their insignificant little upload speeds can't make a difference in the overall scheme of things, and it's just not true...maybe getting stranded would wise them up to the fact that a simple 20k or even less would have been heaven sent, but chances are they'll just consider that losing 1 in a million torrents is just par for the course and it probably wouldn't change a thing...but what do I know

as far as not caring about the hit and runners, you must admit (well, I guess you don't HAVE to admit) that it IS a bitch when you want to do something else with your bandwidth and feel obligated to help people complete the sucks being the lone seeder and waiting for the completes just to watch em go as fast as they came...I guess it's not the end of the world, but it definately sucks ass...why do they feel okay about ditching all the other folks waitin to complete while I would lose sleep over it...sometimes having a conscience REALLY blowz
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