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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Trader Dave
I was on a torrent for a couple days on Demonoid and ppl kept jumping off after they reached a hundred% leaving me to stay on. I just figured the ppl who get stuck will learn a lesson if it's something they want bad enough and help others next time. I did end up coming back and seeding but i only did it for a couple hours a day.

with that said i have never been stuck and not got what i wanted using bittorrent.
bear in mind that, although I am not disagreeing with you, you are punishing the leechers for the actions of the completes...that's not really fair, but then again, that IS what we're talkin about...what's fair and what's not...but demonoid is terrible for hit and runners, moreso than any other place I ever seen...good man helpin out...better to punish them with torturously slow speed or sporadic seed help rather than screw em outright

and BTW...FU for not sharin your secrets sir...I wrestled with this for quite some time, and you had the answer I was lookin for all along...where the hell were you???

oh well, at least I know now...better late than if you'll excuse me, I hear the short bus honkin
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