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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Silver Stallion DVDs
Dude ~

Nice post. But... aren't you overdoing the apology thing a bit? I mean... you say you're sorry ~ and usually that should suffice. If you really did something bad... sure it's OK to apologize a second time later in the post. But for crying out loud... you must have apologized six or seven times (I didn't bother counting... maybe even more).


now that you mention it, maybe it was a bit excessive...damn!!! I didn't realize I was quite so apologetic, but I meant it and so I stand by it...I feel a debt to the community and all those who made my collecton what it angers me that I feel so obligated to give back while so many couldn't care less, but this is my cross to bear, and I am still happy to share..."letting the bastards grind me down" would be my own fault for allowing it...and so with that I move on to more productive things...take care friends
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