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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

thanx guys...nice to know that water can still flow under the bridge without taking it out...I also appreciate your suggestion as to what constitutes a "good" phish show...I am not necessarily unreasonable, and I appreciate the gesture...there's too many good folks out there to spend my time trying to crucify the fuckers of the bunch...besides, to a handful, I'm one of the fuckers, so live and let live...I'm allowed to think uberleechers are douchebags, and they allowed to think whatever the hell they's not my place to give a damn what they think and do, and vice versa...believe it or not, for all the bullshit in this thread (a bunch of which I am responsible for) I actually gained a lot of useful info from this thread...hopefully I can put it to practice

and as for direwolf-pgh...ditto bro, thanx for the good times...I've spent many a disc on your generosity...and I thank you for it
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