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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by bot
As for that chap Kooky_Kat .. on the rare day that you seed something worth grabbing.. I wait, catch a ride once it is well seeded & split immediately. I do this just because I dont enjoy your arrogance, chap.

Get over yourselves. Ill take what I want when i want it. And Ill share back when I feel like it.
it's very nice of you to screw all the leechers because you think KK is a dick...that oughta really teach him a lesson

it's you're attitude that makes you I said, it's just common for assholes who don't give a damn about the community to have a poor ratio as well...but frankly I'd rather ban the assholes that are deliberate in their abuse, rather than actually enforcing a ratio...if everyone felt like you there would be nothing to share, and if there was something, there would be no one to share it...the fact that this is something that needs to be explained is pitiful...

continue to do as you please (as I'm sure you will) but know that people with your "fuck everyone but me" attitude are what makes online sharing less enjoyable for those who actually respect all the time and effort being put into the community, and one of these days when bit torrent is ruined (like the GD summer tour 95) know that people like you are the reason why...without a basic respect of your environment, you will destroy it...that's why the GD were banned from all the great venues, because the fans didn't respect the place, and they were asked not to come back...Alpine Valley received most of their income from the GD community when they came through town but still had to ask them not to return in light of the damage and debris left behind in of these days, as more and more members shit where they eat (so to speak) this place is bound to shut it because of the headaches the members give admin, or because of a lack of uploaders to provide material to way or another, it's bound to fail as your attitude begins to dominate the's pretty sad really...I have made enough friends and built enough of a collection to be satisfied if the whole shithouse goes up in flames tomorrow...if I need or want anything, I can work it out in the mail thru my friends, so it's all the same to me...but in the last years I have been downloading, it's meant a lot to me, and I'm sure it will continue to do so for others if it doesn't fall apart...I just hope people would have a little more decency and consideration for the others that also want to download...someone was kind enough to share these things with you, is it too much to ask that you be kind and also share it with someone else
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