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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

I gotta say sounds more like work than a hobby doing all ths investigative work just to "teach" some children to share. Even at work where I expect to be dealing with adults I understand that folks are who they are and rules and threats are gonna do little to change things. I know I don't respond well to rules, my ratio will stay at 1 or below at any site that demands I maintain a ratio. I just like the music cause
Originally Posted by FZ
Information is not Knowledge
Knowledge is not Wisdom
Wisdom is not Truth
Truth is not Beauty
Beauty is not Love
Love is not Music
Music is THE BEST

Wisdom is the domain of the Wiz, which is extinct.
Beauty is a French phonetic corruption of a short, cloth, neck ornament…currently in resurgence.
Scene of a Perfect Crime

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anybody else who decides to call me a fuckhead troll newbie (you know who you are) should be made to listen to phish bootleg taped by a '73 led zeppelin taper
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