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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by bot
certainly. Kooky_Kat sounds Kooky !
Its pricks like you who don't know the game.

Ever been on a torrent that is really slow?You are being braked for speed by an uber.You are connected to him,he is feeding you that 1/2k that he can spare because he's K flagged the seeders client and downloading for himself only oh..and you cant go no further until you share that piece he has given you,..when hes actually finished giving it to you.

As i said..i know they/you will get it ,but the point is that by blocking them from getting pieces directly from me during seeding means the people who deserve it 1st & get it 1st get it faster thus seeding it quicker...and crap like you can do what you want when you want.
4 birds killed with one stone

when i seed something worth getting
good one

Looking forward to your....1st one see your cut.FAQs show you how to make a torrent........chap

PPS: Isn't bot another name for ass?You know...for a baby?

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