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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Phishblowz
thanx for that's not even a matter of bashing the ratio whores, the real bother to me is those who take first and drop off w/o sharing, and also those who hop on late and beg for help when they've never helped anyone...I don't care if they get stuff, but I want the right folks to get priority, and the uberleechers can have what's you said, let the big boys go first...not only, but just first (and foremost)

I've had issues where I've seeded for days to get folks completed and the first few over the hump drop off and continue to leave me holding the don't really "owe" me anything, but is it not common courtesy to help others enjoy what you just completed...don't you feel at least a little responsible for those who are stranded or struggling with pathetic speeds??? I've waited for days to get things crawling in at less than 5k...every k is important, especially when they are the only k's available for the torrent (i.e. new ones, first ones to complete, or dying torrents) so that argument is worthless to me...some guy w/15k stuck around forever to get me a dying torrent...his ratio wasn't so good, but the upload he spent was spent where it would be most really I guess we should all just think more about the other guy, and less about has nothing to do with's not about ratios as much as about character...the kinds of folks who couldn't care less about the others in the community by hit and running all the time are's true that many good folks have bad ratios, and it's also true that a strict ratio policy would allow some assholes who oughta go to be allowed to stay, while some folks who shouldn't get the boot may get booted, so it's a sticky wicket to be certain, but I would hope there is some kind of limit to U2Lynnes kindness to those who don't deserve it...hopefully she is willing to remove those who truly abuse the site...maybe not on a ratio policy or anything, but I expect she knows an uberdouche when she sees (hears/reads) one and hopefully she will prune those who don't belong's all about courtesy and respect for others...ratios are but one aspect of a members character...but usually those who fall into the asshole category usually find themselves in the shitty ratio category too...coincidence
why are you equating a traders ratio to their character ? You make these heart on the sleeve statements as if Utopia was just around the corner.
Share what you have and get on with your life. Does it truly keep you up at night if some dude is 'stealing' a free show that you dont own in the first place.
Yes, when you seed some may not linger - big fucking deal.
As for that chap Kooky_Kat .. on the rare day that you seed something worth grabbing.. I wait, catch a ride once it is well seeded & split immediately. I do this just because I dont enjoy your arrogance, chap.

Get over yourselves. Ill take what I want when i want it. And Ill share back when I feel like it.
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