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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

If you feel some sort of ratio enforcement should happen for the ubers ,do what i've started doing chaps........some probably noticed during the seeding of KKDvD050.

I wait till theres say 50-75 hooked on.Then i quickly run through the members leeching & check the ratios/info.
Anyone who was just a plain obvious uber got noted and with the right torrent client and a bit of savvy you can work out what ip tallys.

That goes onto a list.txt

When i'm done...that list goes into peerguardian2

They will end up with the file i know ,but at least the "propers" get it 1st and the ubers can't "brake" the seeding.

Fooking funny seeing them turn up to the thread know they're trying to figure out something.
They do drop down the list.
You see all the non-firewalled and members who know the game rising and the file gets seeded quicker.

anyone wanting my files who has a ratio of .30 or less, is just a plain uber & has offered nowt to the community,i wouldn't bother getting on until it's seeded.

Let the big boys go 1st eh!!

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