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Re: I am either too tired or yeah I am too tired

Let me rephrase this last statement:"Yeah, i made a torrent, using Bit torrent 4.21, Same one that got denied at DIME, that I had listed here with an external link, but it got yanked so fast, prolly no one here even saw it."

What I meant there about the external linkl was this afforementioned torrent was listed at DIME, and I was telling people about. But, it was yanked. So I figured I'd reload it here instead.

But, I had deleted the file I ahd originally made for DIME not thinking I could redo it here. So I re-did the whole damn thing, so that it could be posted/uploaded here.

There error listed was from the Bit Torrent 4.21

Every time I try to start the torrent in Bit 4.21 it keeps asking me to make a new one, also everytime it appears to make one it is only taking one song.

I have no clue how I even got this Upped to DIME in the first place, but it was there, I swear on all that is HOLY! I had 30 leechers before it got yanked.

I gotta get Jake to Band Concert, or I'll be late.

Im sure this is something really stupid, I am still stuck in the Cassette world. This all very new to me
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