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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Posts for the sake of personal bashing may be deleted.
uh-huh......well........The Lounge is just the place for this thread now that any and all dissenting opinions are met with a few trollish remarks......let 'em bash one another lights out over there.

Maybe that's why it's been suggested to move this thread.

You might have noticed that I am out of the Lounge since 2006 and I've refused to ask for the 'privledge' to return.

Best that I stay out of an area so over-run with sanctioned and official trolls.

I see ol 'bullet noticed this while he's still trolling this thread. <snicker>

Nothing gets past Mr. Jambalaya......

What I've noticed......repeatedly....I've noticed that dissenting opinions are usually less than tolerated by certain overly-dogmatic individuals at TTD....

However, I thought we were talking about ratios here.

Looks like I mis-understood that when Lynne made a remark that it was an 'opinion' and not 'policy'. I apoloogize, Lynne.

Is there any chance of a decision about ratios that can be written down?

Something in concrete?

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