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If it automatically points to your incoming folder then yes, you have to have the complete folder/show in that folder. If you can navigate to where it will point then no, just find the folder/show, select it and go.

This doesn't cover this particular issue, but here is a nice tutorial on how to set up Azureus for best and most community friendly performance. I got this from another site that I don't think we want publicized here... or I'd tell you what it was. Maybe I can do this: d e m o n o i d That shouldn't pop up in any searches, but still gives props to them for the effort.

I think there was something in here about giving priority to large swarms which I can't find right now and I tend to disagree with. If there's 50 people seeding one show and only 3 seeding another, I prefer to give priority to the smaller swarm. But I didn't see where that was looking over it today.


Will be updated frequently to add more sections if requested.
Corrections would most preferably be PMed to me.
Questions or requests are very welcome.

This is a general guide on how to set up your speeds and limits in Azureus, it can save you having to fiddle with extra net managers.


Azureus is probably the #1 choice on this forum (though Willy would have it a different way), so I've decided to help people make the most out of Azureus by giving them an outline on how to set up their system. I'll be drawing from experience, other resources on the net and things I've heard around the forums.

Speed; Do It

Before you set up Azureus to run at high speeds you need to know what sort of limits you have. Your connection speed depends on your ISP and connection methods, and what may say 1024Kbps may actually be more like 1010Kbps, so don't always take the ISPs word for it.

Internet speed is not measured in kilobytes per second (It's measured in kilobits per second. A byte is equal to 8 bits (as Sel would have you know) so 512Kbps is equal to 64kB/s. Understand? No? Good.

To determine your speed you can either use what your ISP quoted you, which is a fair average (usually) or you can use several speed-measuring sites such as: (thanks willigan)

Know Your Limits

Now that you know your maximum speeds, it's time to use the knowledge to your advantage.
Open up the Configuration tab by clicking View>Configuration and click on Transfer. You may find things are left to 0 (unlimited), while this sounds great it's actually not. It means your machine will use up everything it can for file transfer. This sounds great, it's not. You have directions that your machine needs to receive and send called Overheads and these are essential to the file transfer protocol, and if it can't get through your speeds will suffer dramatically.
Due to the nature of TCP/IP -- every packet received must be acknowledged with a small outbound packet. If the outbound link is saturated with BitTorrent data, the latency of these TCP/IP ACKs will rise, causing poor efficiency.

So what speed should you set it at? Well you want it high, so that you get fast down and uploads, but you don't want it so fast it floods your connection. It's a tradeoff.
Upload speeds are the most important speeds so it's most crucial you set that one correctly. A good idea is to set it at 80% your maximum speed. This will save you from blue screens, lockups and restarts...
This is often caused by Bittorrent primarily because the bug was never fixed, but is not BT's fault. Your router/modem firmware may not be very stable, so when your connection starts to get flooded it panics and shits itself all over your connection causing a restart or lockup or similar. This can be eliminated by getting a less intensive client, I believe G3Torrent is one of the offenders, Azureus doesn't often cause these problems. Especially when limited correctly.
...because you will have room for your overheads and your modem/router won't shit itself.
Now for the download speed, well, to be perfectly honest, I haven't had any trouble setting my down speed to unlimited. As long as you've set your up correctly to allow room for ACKs your download speed will be able to go as fast as possible. A limited upload will let you have unlimited download as far as I've experienced.

Netlimiter? More like ImperfectNetlimiter
Oh yeah, you may think it works, and it does to some extent, but if you look at your Azureus figures and then the figures Netlimiter gives you, you'll notice one small discrepency. They're different. And seeing as Azureus gets its figures directly from the BT protocol, I'd be more inclined to trust Azureus. Its methods of retrieving the data is less than efficient on your system and is another systray clogger along with the new SP2 Security Center (what a load of balls, I turned that off).
Not only that, but it goes against everything BT is about -- it's not free. Oh sure, it's free. But it's not supposed to be.
BB requested I qualify what I said about Netlimiter. Gladly:
Netlimiter is not smart enough to filter out the ACKs and will cause the same problems as leaving the upload unlimited, Azureus knows we want to limit file transfer not overheads.
Brian Dessent, BT Big Wig wrote:
its sockets wrapper broke Apache and rsync-over-ssh on my cygwin system, and its installer was ill- behaved...Not recommended at all.

Honest, if you have an advanced client like Azureus, you really don't need iit.

Never too much, never too much

Researching for this article I've found some interesting information on how else to limit your up and downspeeds:
Setting them both to 66% appears to have beneficial effects on your network stress, modem firmware and browsing speeds while still allowing you to download relatively fast.
Try it, tell me what you think.

Money coming out of your arse?

Again I've seen references to a program that can monitor your net usage and give priority to certain programs or whatever. It costs around $35 but comes with a 45 day trial.

Miscellaneous Tips:

1) Don't touch the Manual Update button. This will destabilise the tracker and just make everything go worse for everyone. It's only used to check if the tracker is live or can be connected to.
2) Don't forget that your upload speed influences your download also as a direct result of the way the BT protocols/clients work. A tiny upload will not allow you a huge download.
3) Don't forget to SAVE your configuration settings so they take effect.

Questions/Corrections/Salutations? Send them my way!

Seeding Like A Demon

Seed me, Barkeep...

Go to View>Configuration >Queue to find these settings


Max Simultaneous downloads: (Total Upload Speed / 256 * 3) - rounded up
example: A 512KBit upload speed divided by 256 = 2, then multiplied by 3 gives a value of 6
hence 128=2, 256=3, 512=6...

You'll find that if you set this to much higher than the suggested figure then you will be using up a good proportion of the 20% left over for confirmation data, which will leave next to no bandwidth left for anything else like browsing etc.

Max active torrents: set this value to double the above figure, so that you're always seeding as many torrents as downloading, unless of course you're not downloading in which case you're sitting pretty seeding away...

Don't count torrent as using a download slot/dont count completed torrent as using a slot if speed is below: set these values to your dl/500 (i.e. 1024b/s on a 512Kb/s connection)... okay /512 if you wanna be picky... so that any torrents sitting being silly and using tiny bandwidth aren't taking up an upload or download slot.

the two checkboxes: pretty self explanitory, do with as you see fit.

Bear in mind all of the settings from this point on do not affect whether a torrent is seeded or not, but rather the rank with which azureus decides what should be seeding at the time

Minimum seeding time: 300
This time is the amount of time between checking whether a torrent should have a seeding/leeching slot or not.
300 will give a torrent that has started to seed/download using a slot enough time to get set up and going, so that if you're trying to transfer unpopular torrents they dont just lose their slot after a small amount of time.
Much more than this figure would result in the torrents taking up slots when they're really not doing anything

Disconnect seeds when seeding: Check this one, as it stops the client talking to other seeds when it is seeding itself, hence any handshake/confirmation data taking up bandwith between the two seeds is then.. well... not

Auto switch to low priority when seeding: definitely a no-no for people who actually want to be part of the community. thou shalt seed at thine best rates!

Use super seeding: Never check this box for normal use. Doing so will result in superseeding for every seeding torrent you have. not good.
You should only super seed when starting off you're own torrent or some situations during reseeding, hence you're normally only seeding that file(or those files). There is a description (from one of the Demonoid Celebs) about superseeding >here<

Automatically reposition torrents based on Seeding Rank: The hover popup for this one is a good description. Another one to do with as you see fit.

-=Auto Starting=-

Rank complete torrents for auto-starting based on:
this is where you select which method azureus uses to rank seeding torrents

Peers:Seed ratio: As it says, the ratio of peers to seeds. Less peers + more seeds = lower seeding rank *recommended*

Seed count only: Ranks based solely on the number of seeds. the above method is far superior *not recommended*

Timed rotation: Each and every seeding torrent gets a go every time the minimum seeding time comes round. also inferior and *not recommended*

none: dont be silly.

the following options dont define the overall rank, but can promote/relegate seeding torrents based on the torrents individual details

When torrents have the same rank, prefer larger swarms: I recommend checking this box as the normal situation in seeding is that peers>seeds

Lower seeding rank for torrents with no seeds and less than: Setting this to 2 seeds will mean that any seeding torrent with no active seeds and 1 peers will move it down in the seeding rank. harsh, but to be honest the bandwidth should really be going to the masses.

the following option only affects your client
Pretend theres 1 full copy for every: this should either be disabled, or if you really want to activate it set it to something like 15+. its very hard to explain the resoning here, but believe me in this. If anyone wants more explanation ask below.
But only for torrents with at least: put this as 1. dont ask, just do.

Auto start all completed torrents with 0 peers: dont check it, doing so will only use up bandwith talking about no priority torrents.

-=First Priority=-
First priority is an attribute that seeding torrents can be given, which will take them to the top end of the seeding rank.

First priority goes to torrents with <any/all> of the following:
Any: means that any combination of the following rules are taken into account.
All: means that all of the following rules must be met for first priority to be given.

Use any, as we will be only using one of the rules

A share ratio less than: 2:1 means that any seeding torrent that hasn't uploaded twice as much as it has downloaded will be sent to the front of the queue.
An elapsed time since changing from blah blah...: Ignore. we're all long term seeders, shouldnt matter how long its been seeding.
An elapsed time since the start of Downloading: Ignore. same reason as above.

-=Ignore Rules=-
These rules do what they say. If a seeding torrent adheres to one of these rules, then it doesnt get seeded Unless It has First Priority (see above).
(If a torrent comes back out of the rules set, then it will be put back into the queue to seed)
0 = ignore
Ignore torrents with at least X seeds: 0. no question, if it has more seeds, chances are it has more peers.

Ignore torrents that have at least 1 seed per X peers:As above with the Pretending there are seeds. either 0 or 15 +.
But only for torrents with at least X seeds 0 again. dont ask, just do it. we're a sharing community, we dont really want rules to hold back sharing.

Ignore torrents that have a share ratio of: once again, this one has to be set to zero. just because you've upped 3 or 4 times the amout you've downloaded, you still might be one of a few seeds seeding to hundreds of peers.
But only for torrents with at least X seeds: 0. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. nowt.

Ignore torrents with no peers: Yes. Obviously. no point in wasting bandwidth on something nobody is after at the time.


Based on the above settings, you should never have to play about with queues relating to seeding again, your seeds should sort themselves out.
Bear in mind these are guidelines only and will not be perfect for everybody, however will be more than suitable for the average D e m o n o i d community Memeber

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