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Re: DVD video bitrates?

Originally Posted by MheAd
Can anyone tell me the exact bitrate of a SP/120 minutes DVD-R disc?
Is it based on VBR or CBR values?

Thanks in advance!
MPEG-2 video is normally (possibly always) VBR. The audio (in whatever format) must be CBR.

The main useful bitrate when talking about video is the average bitrate (ABR). The DVD specification also limits discs to a maximum bitrate of about 10Mbit/s (for both video and audio) which is how fast DVD players are required to be able to read the data from the disks. So the "peak bitrate" can never exceed that limit.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that generating a DVD with an average bitrate of about 4.5Mbit/s (including the audio stream) will give you 120 minutes of on a 4.7GB DVD.
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