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Re: Azureus Help

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Hmmmm, well, I've always used a default data directory. This is the way I have it set up for me.

When I download a torrent file, I have it save it to my Music / Downloads folder (I do that with my browser)

In Azureus, Options / Files, I have Save to default data directory checked and I save to Music / Downloads

Then in Options / Files, I have Move completed files checked and I save to Music / Downloads Completed and I also have move .torrent checked there

When I offer up a torrent here, I start my folder out in Music / Downloads and I put my .torrent file in there also.

That is what has worked for me.
Thats how I have mine set up also Lynne.

At first I didn't realize that when the torrent finished and moved to the bottom part of the window that it was the "Entire" folder full of music. I thought it was just the torrent link. This is where the "other" ZWAN folder was guys..right in front of my face. I kept looking in folders in Azureus program file but could never find it.

Edit.....BUT..if I do have them moved out when completed..then I'm no longer able to share I'd have to move them back in correct?
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