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Trader Dave
Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner
do you ever have those moments when you wish this online community could materialize into a real 3dimensional space, lets say the pub maybe...that way all the wankers with their assanine opinions. greedy justifications, and complete lack of respect for the community could be served a healthy dose of some SHUTTHEFUCKUP! pint glass to the head style

[i should probly be de-modded Lynne, maybe take a break from online trading...leechers are beginning to make me violent ]
Let me get this straight. you wish Dudogger could say his opinion to you in a bar face to face so you can break a bottle over his head for having a different opinion than yours and other ppl here want to drink beer with you after you said that?

I understand where Dudogger is coming from. Some of you guys sound like you are defending America from the Muslims.
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