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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Nothing. We aren't banning anyone over ratios (have we ever said we would?). This is a discussion thread. Are we not allowed to discuss here?
Are we?

Then why did you stop me from mentioning ..........

Are we allowed to discuss here? Freely discuss?

I dunno, you make the rules, you decided I couldn't use a certain word to even explain myself.

In reply to a previous post

Hell I wouldn't even be in this thread if certain people hadn't referred to me.

Why invoke the devil if you already know you won't like him for telling the truth?

Now you say 'this is a discussion thread" ......

Well that's ALL I was trying to do. discuss.....

goddam, you know I really love you but sometimes you send such mixed signals.

Now, are you sure we shouldn't discuss my ratio? You forgetting how many times you had to quiet down that looney-bird?
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