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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Phishblowz why then, if you have all been decent contributors here, are you all so hateful towards each other???
I guess where it begins is with past arguements over false lineages.....

Particularly when it pertains to Led Zeppelin......some of the guys I make fun of (especially in this thread) may or may not have ever 'knowingly' passed off fake lineages.....but they sure as fuck take it personal whenever the word 'lineage' is mentioned.

In my case, I'm sure where it begins with "them that hates me" is that they know I have things they want and can't get.....The demands are usually followed by NOTHING but hatred. (Lots of denials will occur to this remark, but if the specific recording came available, they'd be asses and elbows all over it....)

You got it, there's a lot of hate involved.

I say it begins with the lineage frauds, I'm sure in the background is that I do have things they want. and I rub it in.....

Didn't you wonder about the "mouth full of gimme" remark?

I've used that on the takers, and if you like, it's yours to use on the uberleechers; I like to use it for the nose-picking jerks who feel the need to demand from tapers when they'll never dare to walk in a taper's shoes. (Is she here?)

Yeah, I'm old, older than almost all of you here, wouldn't trade it for the world.

First band taped: John Fred and his Playboy Band in September of 1967....not a stealth job either.....they were riding on a hit named "Agnes English" just having "Up and Down" off the charts in May 67. I got to see them do their new song, "Judy In Disguise" before it was released.

First stealth jobs were in 1968....lousy recordings, but a start. Animals...Steppenwolf....

Also, I'm not much of a subscriber to the "community" thing.

I'm a trader.

In order for me to be able to operate as a trader looking for rare material, I have to have material that doesn't circulate.....and in most cases, they're recordings I made myself.

You see old recordings from me popping up only to try to shake loose something I'm looking for....

You see new recordings from me because I like the music and I know certain folks here like it or 'should' like it. Or because I'd like to see some unknown/new/old act get some attention.

But that's my motives for sharing.

I'm looking for only a few specific recordings and after I find 'em (or if I just give up the search) I'm a gone pecan.

I'm not interested in every live recording by every band.....been there - done that....its boring...and I never got back the same quality of recordings I was putting out.

........and I'm not going to archive the history of any band. That's anal-retentive.....and I ain't a librarian.

Hell, I don't even believe that my recordings are part of the "history of Rock n Roll" or "historical documents". (if a band wanted to be documented they should do it themselves....don't look to me for help....I'm not interested.)

I'm mostly interested in recordings of the shows I've seen.

And what keeps me around is I'm still searching for the soundboard recording of 12/12/70 Doors in New Orleans.

I'll trade for that, name what I have you want.....then I'm a hiistory lesson.

So if you want to get rid of me, just come up with that soundboard recording of the last Doors show with Jim Morrison, and I'm gone......

And then the jerks can lie about lineages all they want......

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