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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

like I said about these guys that are spreading a lot of hate towards each other...they seem to be good members...I said I got some things that were "freezer" tapes...and some I passed on (but am aware he is responsible for, and that's cool of him) so I was more curious as to why people who have done so much for the music preservation are bashing each other, that's all

as for the ratio issue, he could (and should) be credited for his efforts...these credits could be applied as upload credit to reflect his ratio in an overall aspect rather than a strict BT ul/dl issue...other sites have been known to creit uploads for donations, we could do so for bnp offers and vines and new offerings like "freezer" tapes and things like that...but in Freezers case, any way you look at it, he has a is neither high nor low, therefore, as he has "taken" nothing, he wouldn't be required to "give back" to remain at an even level...0:0 is the same as 1:1...but yes I understand your point about good people getting shafted by an uneven policy...I think a credit system would balance it, but I have come to accept the inevitable, and I am okay with it...I don't wish to rant, and I'm sorry if some people I respect think ill of me for all of this, and I am sorry...everyone knows how I feel about it and I will leave it at that...I will continue to do what I think is right, and what other people do is there's not my cross to bear, and I will lay that burden down now...thanks for all the wise opinions by many of you on the matter...there have been good arguements on both sides, and a rather spirited's a shame that healthy debates tend to get ugly over the net, but it was a valuable experience (if nothing else)

thanks to most of you for the valuable input
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