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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

maybe I'm just undereducated here, but I know I've seen a lot of "freezer" stuff (some of which I have liked and some I haven't...thanx for circulating them all the same) and although I haven't seen anything I recall coming from dcbullets efforts (be it taping, authoring or uploading) but it seems his ratio looks good, and he at least shared what he took (and then some) and all of you seem to have contributed in one fashion or another, and I personally appreciate all of your efforts, and as I don't know you guys personally, I have no gripes with any of why then, if you have all been decent contributors here, are you all so hateful towards each other???

it's quite a bum trip guys...the hate seems rather personal...maybe that kind of jagged edge should be delivered via pm or both seem to enjoy beatin each other up, but this seems a poor place to take up such matters...seems kinda strange too (I'm sure I'm missing much of the history, and don't wanna know either) sorry to see so much personal hatred here...I hope you all find a way to remain civil...sometimes it's best to agree to disagree

P.S. I'm aware that I could probably do well to take my own advice, and I too am working on trying to let things go, for the good of myself and those around me...this is an open forum and all kinds of assholes are welcome kind, your kind, and every kind in between

we're allowed to be assholes, if that's who we are, and it's up to the community to learn how to deal with's sad but it's true...don't know if this helps any of you, but I thought I'd share it with ya
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