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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?


james-ky, the most pitiful thing about the entire internet is that it gives you a platform to whine to the whole fricking world.

No, I never claimed to speak for everybody, but what percent of the entire population of TTD could actually give a fuck about the Lounge?

Christ, nobody here could give a fuck about ratios.....that was my point, too bad the crack about becoming a Post Whore hit so close to home for a couple of you.....

Christ, nobody here could give a fuck about ratios.....which is what this thread is 'supposed to be' about, before I hijacked it.

And it sure as shit is true that the more you post inanely in the Lounge, the more you're accepted here.

That was the point of bringing up the 'word association' thread.....

How many years did it take you in high school, james-ky, having to have EVERYTHING explained to you?

What's your post count, jamesky.....or is that your "TTD creditability" ratio?

If you hadn't become a post whore, you'd still be nothing more than the major butt of the jokes in the Lounge.

If it worked for you, why shouldn't it work for Dudogger?

That's legitimate and serious answer.

If it worked for you, and helped you get accepted at this site, then why shouldn't it work for Dudogger.....

He's already proved himself more articulate than you , james-ky.

If Dudogger does what you did, hang out in the Lounge and posts 200 times a day, why shouldn't he be as accepted as you? You think you're better than him?

However I'd bet that there have been some new visitors to the Lounge since this thread was hijacked......

With all those new visitors to the Lounge, it's a good time to bring up starting a "jameskg is an idiot" thread, but this time I suggest that such a thread be in a spot where everyone can participate.....

Of course since I don't post in the lounge, it's a great time for some coward to start a "freezer is an idiot" thread there.


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You wall-eyed apple-knocking pig-fuckers! You don't know anything!

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