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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by freezer
Back to the word association thread with him and he can rant on about viagra and chubbies where everyone already thinks he's an idiot._
are you the spokesperson for "everyone" now? You do that a lot. Sort of like how Sharpton thinks he is the spokesperson for all black people?

I think that kind of false legitimization speaks to a need to hide your deep feelings of self ineptitude.

Even you don't believe your own bullshit so you allude to "everyone" being on the bandwagon of your latest rant, hoping, with clasped palms, that some will actually jump on - which usually ends up being the same couple of people. Then, you 'roar' to the forefront as the 'leader' of these sycophants, as will be demonstrated over the next few posts. It's kind of pitiful.
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