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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Beyond N Back
I logged on and searched "freezer" to see if there were any new masters uploaded and found this thread (tough read for only 4 pages). I won't defend my social life or lack of, but I do have enough dignity not to ever get spotted lurking in one of those lounge threads.

Actually had a fairly social day today. Went on a field trip with about 100 high school kids and some volunteer zoologists, botanists and geologists to a few beautiful spots where we tracked different species and collected some interesting data. Nice group of kids and dedicated adults. Listened to a great Larry Raspberry Freezer master on my commute

Rest of the day won't be too social. Looking forward to watching the second half of the of the Cavs / Nets (I like the Cavs) and then the Spurs / Suns (don't like either, just hoping to see some more blood ). I'll probably switch over to NCIS / House / Boston Legal if my girlfriend has her way with the remote.

Almost as boring as getting worked up over share ratios
Wasn't directed at you, but thanks for the hightlights of you day, sounds like fun.
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