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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by dcbullet
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Better get back to that "social life"

I logged on and searched "freezer" to see if there were any new masters uploaded and found this thread (tough read for only 4 pages). I won't defend my social life or lack of, but I do have enough dignity not to ever get spotted lurking in one of those lounge threads.

Actually had a fairly social day today. Went on a field trip with about 100 high school kids and some volunteer zoologists, botanists and geologists to a few beautiful spots where we tracked different species and collected some interesting data. Nice group of kids and dedicated adults. Listened to a great Larry Raspberry Freezer master on my commute

Rest of the day won't be too social. Looking forward to watching the second half of the of the Cavs / Nets (I like the Cavs) and then the Spurs / Suns (don't like either, just hoping to see some more blood ). I'll probably switch over to NCIS / House / Boston Legal if my girlfriend has her way with the remote.

Almost as boring as getting worked up over share ratios
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