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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

I too use a cable modem and just dedicate myself to's about the choices we make, not the money and resource we have...I could upload at 1mb/sec and it wouldn't mean shit if I didn't open a friggin window to use it...these people who whine about what their "capable" of are runnin on the same power as me (for the most part) and are barkin up the wrong may not be the case in the sack, but around here, it's not the size that's how you use it

I find now that I'm restriced to about 50k (still fighting with Time Warner) I don't like to upload as much, because it takes longer to get people over the top and the burden is on me the whole time...with dvds being 4gb give or take (not to mention multi-discs) it takes a lot of time, effort and resource to remain a constant seed for the duration...but I'll still open a window on the stuff I dl for sure...but I just wanted to dispel the myth and say that it's simply untrue that most of the major contributors have big upload speed...they simply have good snail mail trading friends and spend all their time's not about the speed, it's about dedication...these people here made my collection what it is today, and I feel I owe it to them to share it with everyone else the way they did with me...if they didn't share it with me, I wouldn't have it in the first it back is the only way I feel satisfied at the end of the's the right thing to do...that's how the circle remains unbroken...

the members of this community need to carry the torch, and not just bum a light
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