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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by captain beyond
I'm still seeding almost everything I've downloaded here and I bought a 400GB HD just for this purpose. I'm a newb but I'm learning fast and I'm about to try uploading something for the first time since I finally got in over at Dime, to share some stuff not available here. Plus I'm trying to resolve some other issues (router, port forwarding etc.) to see if I can up my upload speed (about 35 kbs at this point). It seems to me if you do what you're suggesting you're gonna lose some potentially good sharers. I began a couple months ago with zero shows in my collection. Sometimes it takes a while to get started. By the way my ratio was almost .80 a week ago until I felt compelled to DL four or five DVD's. Still seeding. There's too much good stuff here to resist!
"Too much good stuff to resist" is the main problem with our situation at hand. There is simply no way to dl everything and maintain a 1.00 ratio. PM some people or post in the snail-mail forum and look for someone to do trades with.

Your 35 kbps ul seems about normal to me. That's what mine is. I find that if I dl/ul simultaneously, the ul is slower. So I prefer to dl, and then ul separately. (Actually, I do very little dl since I mostly do snail-mail trades with a tight group of trustworthy traders )
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