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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

I'm still seeding almost everything I've downloaded here and I bought a 400GB HD just for this purpose. I'm a newb but I'm learning fast and I'm about to try uploading something for the first time since I finally got in over at Dime, to share some stuff not available here. Plus I'm trying to resolve some other issues (router, port forwarding etc.) to see if I can up my upload speed (about 35 kbs at this point). It seems to me if you do what you're suggesting you're gonna lose some potentially good sharers. I began a couple months ago with zero shows in my collection. Sometimes it takes a while to get started. By the way my ratio was almost .80 a week ago until I felt compelled to DL four or five DVD's. Still seeding. There's too much good stuff here to resist!
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