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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

perhaps the problem isn't that we don't enforce ratios but that other sites do, so people have become trained through memberships at other sites to look towards them as a judge as to who is a good contributor to the community or not. the reason this site doesn't enforce a ratio requirement is that there are just too many other ways to share and give back to the community. there's no more point in forcing people to maintain a certain ratio than there would be to ban people who didn't offer up a certain number of B&P's. ratios are just one of many ways to give someone an idea as to what type of trader you are, and if you're going to keep insisting that users here adhere to the rules of other sites... well, you're most likely just pissing in the wind. hell just look at my ratio - why hasn't anyone ever flamed me for oversharing when its clear that i have personally prevented many a user from being able to reach a respectable level themselves? whole lot of evil oversharers around here, giving back way too much again and again, getting all the leeches to 100% well before the last people to join the torrent have a chance to give a little back.

quit having silly arguments!

oh wait, its the internet... continue as usual.
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