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Re: Question regarding speed/pitch correction

First of all, thanks for the detailed response.

What I did, for example, was approach a flac fileset for Peter Gabriel's "Before the Flood" demos. They all ran a bit fast, and I found that when I applied the slowdown to "Here Comes the Flood" and "Excuse Me" (the only tracks I could reference elsewhere, since the others never showed up on any other releases), they match the officially released version: to quote 65daysofstatic, "one time for all time," in a sense.

When I burned them to audio, I actually didn't hear any SBEs. The songs weren't too long, the average length being about 3-4 minutes or so. I just learned that, in Goldwave, there's a box that says Preserve Tempo, to which I assume you're referring. I'm happy to note that it remained unchecked during the process (thank God that's a default setting), so each file was a couple seconds longer than before.

Again, thanks for clarifying things. I believe I got them right, looking in retrospect; with help and information, I hope to be able to fix shows without making any stupid mistakes in the process.
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