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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Dudogger
My bad. Next time, I promise! But you've been here a while. Do tell why a casual ratio method is really the best way. What's the real purpose served? I'm all ears. Help me to wrap my headspace around the theory!
My take on the casual ratio system is that it is an attempt to accommodate the most people. It doesn't accommodate the extreme snatch and grabbers and it doesn't accommodate the habitual contributers.... but it makes the most people happy (if you believe in bell curve theory.) The people that share the most and care about it get there name in the lights. The people that snatch and run don't get banned (unless they become vocal and belligerent.) I personally value those that share to a 1.0 higher than those that don't. If I am asked to reseed something or jump on and save a torrent, I am much more likely to do so based on a 1.0 or higher share ratio, regardless of their physical limitations. I also check to see if they are a viner or do B+Ps here for the same reasons. I think many people here do the same. There are many notable members here who have a low to non-existent share ratio that I would drop what I was doing to help out in a second. That's because I know they contribute to the community through their recordings, mastering, or general discussion. I think you are being singled out for many reasons. Why are you so vocal about the ratio policy if it doesn't mean anything to you? People calling you out for it can't be that bad can it? That's part of the community here as far as I see. I think people don't see your contribution and the statements you leave read like you don't care to contribute.
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