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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

I appreciate the fact that much trading and sharing can be done without being acknowledged (via pm and such) and that does help to make things more difficult, and I hate to do it, but I'll have to agree with Dudogger that having ratios with no form of enforcement only leads to this type of problem...what's the point of pointing out how much or little someone does for the community if there is no only serves to agitate those who do so much when those who do so little act like dicks...if there is no "requirements" to be a member here and ratios are meaningless, than we might as well do away with them entirely...however, hiding the fact that someone is always taking and never giving doesn't remedy the problem, it only hides it.

we will simply have to agree to disagree on the sharing hang on to the claim that you do all you can, but everyone else agrees that you can do more if you choose can do this by sharing more after completion or by taking less and giving more...when I was new I took everything in sight and my ratio paid for it...these days, having gotten so much, I find that I need less and have more time to spend uploading and sharing what I DO take and that boosts the ratio up...yes you upped 122gb and that's great, but when you've downed over 500gb it don't mean much...if I owe the bank $500 and give them $100, I am still in debt to them...they may give me time to pay, but I certainly wouldn't try to convince them that they should be grateful for what I DID pay's not a favor to was they who did me the favor by giving me the money in the first banks have contracts and you know what the deal is when you sign on...that's not the case here, so it may be a bit much to knock you for disregarding a rule that doesn't really exist...but I remain steadfast in the belief that you could improve your ratio if you wanted to...and you've made it clear that you do what you feel is right, and don't care if you're right or wrong, and according to the rules, you don't have to biggest gripe is against the administrators who allow this to happen, it's wrong to blame you for taking advantage of the situation, when it's the fault of the admin for allowing this situation to take place...but IMHO, and the opinion of many here, you are taking advantage of the site...and whether or not you agree is irrelevant

BTW...I don't mind all the kiddies pickin my cherries...but I resent the the snot-nosed brats that complain to me when the cherries are gone as though they are entitled to those cherries...those who take what is available and are happy with it are okay in my book (even if their ratio is poor) but those who complain about the free cherries and are still dissatisfied with what they got for nothing don't deserve the cherries...if those who didn't appreciate the cherries, didn't take them, then there would be more cherries for those who are grateful to have other words, your inability to give back the amount of bandwidth you took to complete the torrent means less bandwidth for the rest of the bunch...and the responsible folks who don't rest on the fact that "they're doing the best they can do" are left sharing more than they should have to to make up for your share...either that or the torrent dies prematurely because there is no one left to share it back out

it's more about attitude than ratios, and not only is your ratio pathetic, but your attitude is even worse...and that's what really makes it obscene...I've never seen someone who has given so little to THIS community seem so proud of themselves, and that's a disgrace
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