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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

When you have a system and set requirements then it gets the bad people aswell as the good people.

I think the staff should take it case by case. If they find someone who has downloaded maybe 20GB or more and has a horrible ratio then the staff member should PM them and tell them they have a few weeks to get their ratio up, and if they don't, then ban them from downloading. Ofcourse, take into account things like vines and B&Ps, and if the torrents they've downloaded have all been ones that have alot of seeders but no leechers then be understanding that they can't upload on those. Oh, but go harder on people who leech but don't seed on new torrents that have alot of leechers.

Or you could simply put the word "LEECHER" in big red, bold, and underlined letters beside they're name for extreme cases. And put a list of uber-leechers on the front page on marquee (scrolling).

All in all, uber-leechers are bad, but an undescriminate "ban all people with lower then _ ratio" thing is bad. And be understanding to people trying hard to get a good ratio.
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