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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

I'm less concerned with punishing the guilty, and I agree that it's hard to seperate the poor ratios with good intentions from the thoughtless leechers to make an actual policy, but there ought to be a way to eliminate the extreme cases like this, because it makes the experience less enjoyable to the quality people that are doing the right thing...

we still suffer from their rape of the bandwidth whether we ignore them or not, and that still affects the community and the flow of the's one thing to take the bandwidth and then redistribute thru vines and bnps and such, but to take without giving anything of any kind should be stopped...more for the sake of the upstanding members of the community than anything's offensive, and goes beyond decency...even if bans are made on a case by case basis, there are plenty of cases (like dudogger) that need to be reviewed...they offer nothing but attitude and yet are protected by the admin...what about those who actually contribute here??? please consider the effects this behavior has on us...don't act harshly towards those who do their part, but don't offer a free pass to people like's just a poor decision...I have great respect for U2Lynne, but I think she is being a little too soft on this issue...I appreciate her point of view, but there must be a way to seperate from those who give back (in one fasion or another) and those who take without care...if anyone can find an evenhanded way to do something like this, it would be's hopin for the best...thanks to everyone who got this ball rollin...even if nothing comes of it, I appreciate the flow of ideas on this thread
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