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Re: Should we ban mindless leechers?

Originally Posted by schmoe75
We aren't talking about those people who at least make an attempt to share in other ways. We are talking about people like him who do nothing but rape the community & its bandwidth and make no effort to share what so ever. He has offered no vines, b&p's or freebies.
But, if we were to ban all those with low ratios, we could be banning a good Viner or good B&Per.

Also, in regards to the title.... I think we should be talking about *thoughtless* leechers, not mindless ones. The mindless ones seem to be totally unaware, but once they become aware, they try to raise their ratios. It's the thoughtless ones - the ones that are aware but come up with excuse after excuse of why they can't give back and why they are owed - that we should be talking about.
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