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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner
do you ever have those moments when you wish this online community could materialize into a real 3dimensional space, lets say the pub maybe...that way all the wankers with their assanine opinions. greedy justifications, and complete lack of respect for the community could be served a healthy dose of some SHUTTHEFUCKUP! pint glass to the head style

[i should probly be de-modded Lynne, maybe take a break from online trading...leechers are beginning to make me violent ]
Some day I'm gonna travel to the mountains of crackalackee and smack you in the mouth. Then, you, me and Heather are gonna laugh for hours on end whilst drinking PBR and jamming to Ska Punk and old school rap. But I digress, you have a point well taken.
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I hear the Rape is lovely this time of year.
hey man if nobody else has helped you out, i can continue to ignore you too
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