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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Festafarian
Bad enough that you don't share with the community, but that's your answer when you're confronted with it?

You made a few good points about ratios. I promise that if you offered up some vines or B&Ps, you wouldn't get flamed. My upload speed sucks too. I don't even try to upload, but I give back in other ways.

You would be surprised how it comes back to you. i have done tons of B&Ps and have had people send me things in appreciation, and made lots of good trade buddies.
your upload sucks, and you make up for it other ways...which I know personally (thanx again) and yet you still manage a 1.0 ratio and you "don't even try to upload" so even the best excuse is nothing but a worthless that doesn't mean "1 to 1 or you better run" or anything real hardcore, but there is a limit to what is excusable...and letting people run rampant and take endlessly with no efforts to give back is harmful to the progress of this community...if someone like you cn keep a 1:1 with virtually no effort, than how can someone fall below a .25 and honestly say they respect and appreciate the efforts of the's simply disrespectful and inexcusable...I don't know for sure what ratio should put you in this category of members, but this dude is certainly in that category (more for his attitude than anything else too)

please let your voice be heard in the poll elsewhere in this forum...maybe we can actually DO something instead of just grumbling about it
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