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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Dudogger
Bad enough that you don't share with the community, but that's your answer when you're confronted with it?

You made a few good points about ratios. I promise that if you offered up some vines or B&Ps, you wouldn't get flamed. My upload speed sucks too. I don't even try to upload, but I give back in other ways.

You would be surprised how it comes back to you. i have done tons of B&Ps and have had people send me things in appreciation, and made lots of good trade buddies.
Originally Posted by reece
You must be one of those conniving jews, or an ebonics talking black. Or, worse yet, a black jew. Only sellin' your crack to other jews. And when you do sell to others, you give a 10 dollar piece for 20 dollars.
The NEW list....

I do B&Ps

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