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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Dudogger
I wouldn't expect a conversation on decency and ethics to interest you

but it furthers the cause of banning douchebags like's not even so much the ratio issue (which is an inexcusable disgrace) but the arrogance with which you carry yourself, as though you have a right to be such an ass and we are a bunch of dicks for calling you out on it...what makes you so special??? should we thank you for leeching our shit???

I know some folks out there with poor ratios that make a point to be humble and thank the seeders for every torrent, but to be a worthless leech in our community AND to have such arrogance is offensive, and even if there is no ban for ratios, YOU personally shouldn't be allowed to have membership here, regardless of your ratio, just cause you're a disrespectful little bitch
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