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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

As a newbie here I'll put in my .02 cents. I have a .70 ratio. Been here since 4/16. This site has BY FAR been the easiest to get my ratio going upward. The sheer volume and variety of torrents is astounding. I average about 85 kb/s down and about 20-25 up if things are flowing freely. Having a good ratio is important to me and I'm sure I'll be above 1 in the coming months. The reason it is (and should be) important to everyone is that this is a music SHARING site. We, as a community, share. That's what it's all about. It's really quite simple. I understand that some people can't share as much as others. That's fine. Those who just won't share are not people I want to be associated with, in person or by internet. There are a bunch of shows here I want. Once I get a good ratio I'll download one or two a week while downloading a current show to keep the pipes flowing both ways. I could find 10 shows easy to download now. Why be greedy? How much can I listen to anyway? Just a few rambling thoughts.--Kurt

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