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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Dudogger
1) The arbitrary 1.00 ratio guideline is just that - and one that is not attainable to many users who nonetheless still contribute in a very positive way. Thus TTD's suggestion that those who can't achieve 1.00 should try to B&P, vine, and so on. I imagine that a large number of participants, like me, are doing just that?
It is attainable. Instead of downloading 11 shows at once, you download one, wait until you have uploaded the same amount of data back to other people, then download another show.
You have offered NO vines, b&p's, or freebies here.

Originally Posted by Dudogger
2) Occasionally, one downloads a show that is not worth keeping, burning, or sharing (due to poor quality), and in the user's opinion, shouldn't further pollute the trading pool by way of continued uploading.
With all the appropriate info provided on a torrent, the user makes the decision as to whether a show meets their standard of quality and choose to dl or not, NOT YOU!

Originally Posted by Dudogger
3) Some folks have great upload/download bandwidth. Good for you. mine is limited to about 28K...Iím still only uploading at 28K, so that my rate (speed) of contribution to other downloaders remains exactly the same. upload rate remains the same no matter what combination of torrents I might choose to upload to (today I have 11 active ones).
Refer to prior comment. Instead of downloading 11 shows at once, you download 1, upload the same amount you downloaded of that show, then start another torrent. 28K uploads right at 2 gigs in a 24 hour period. It's not about how fast your connection is, its what you do with it. You download 10 shows at a time, leech & run, thereby in, its 'unattainable' for you to have a 1:1 ratio

Originally Posted by Dudogger
Some folks have great upload/download bandwidth. Some do not, so they acquire what they can, when they can.
There is this thing, its called the United States Postal Service. They sell envelopes & these things called stamps. If you fill out the envelope with an address, put stamps on it, put discs in it, & mail it to someone you've discussed a trade with, they will send you an envelope with stamps and discs in return. This may come as news, but in the time it takes to download a 4 gig show & upload back 4 gigs, someone can burn 10-20 discs and trade them.

Originally Posted by Dudogger
4) If one were to halt downloads in order to increase ratio, that would mean one has temporarily stopped accumulating new material.
Breaking News....the world is coming to an end because Dudogger didn't acquire something new today.

Originally Posted by Dudogger
Still other people (including me) B&P like crazy,
Happy Trading and Happy Sharing
If you only did either of those
Facts are:
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500+ gigs leeched in less than 4 months with nothing offered in return
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